Havana county homes


havana County Homes

– a well laid out, Ready-to-Build, 50 hectares site and service Estate; comprising of 326 residential plots measuring 600 square meters. It is one of the liveliest parts of the town in Lagos

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Havanna County Homes estate is strategically in a good location for residential and commercial purpose such as hotel, office and mall. The value of our property is highly influenced by its location. Having property in a place like Lekki Free Zone is akin to owning a goldmine as the purchase value may be high but the returns thereafter is thrilling considering the appreciative value of the property in the environment. Buying a landed property in the Lekki-free zone could be as rewarding as it is enticing. It affords commercial investors opportunity to multiply wealth and raise their investment portfolio. The property is strategically in a good location for commercial purpose such as hotel, office and mall

Neighborhood Attractions

Lekki Free Trade Zone has become a commercial hub, residential area and tourist attraction centre in Lagos, thus making it in hot demand in relation to real estate. There are diverse investment opportunities in the area ranging from manufacturing, heavy industries, oil & gas, real estate, tourism and infrastructure development

More Neighborhood attractions

         Dangote Refinery, Lekki Lagos.

         The Lekki Lagos new international airport

         The new Lekki Lagos sea-port,

         The new Lagos Calabar coastal road,

         La Champagne Tropicana Beach Resort

         Deep Sea Port