lagoon park

Global Resources Ltd

A real estate company with a difference helping people achieve their dreams homes in Lagos and around the world.

What We See

An affordable dream home for all.

What We Do

To provide maximum value to our clients by developing and offering quality real estate solutions, using state of the art equipment, latest technology and great expertize.

What Drives Us

  • Happy customer experiences
  • Being the best in chosen niche and markets
  • Integrity and ethical conduct in business
  • Quality Service delivery
  • Finding new & better ways of doing what we do
  • Consistently satisfying all our stakeholders

What We Offer

  • Property and Real Estate Development & Maintenance.
  • Construction of Buildings.
  • Landscape Development
  • Design-Build Projects.
  • Provision of light infrastructure & Estate facilities
  • Project Management.

Why We are In Business

  • To provide quality real estate in strategic locations to clients.
  • To offer high quality real estate development services to our Clients
  • To render housing and real estate facilities to our clients in a convenient way.
  • To create value for our clients, partners and shareholders.